17 April 2019
Hyuga Recruit Lam

17 year-old Rancher Rabbits academy striker Lam Leong Guang was bought by Serangoon V.5 side Hyuga United for S$232000, as their Swedish gaffer Mats Danielsson prepares for probable promotion. Having just moved former youth favourites Dima Goldman and Zbigniew Szalony on, Danielsson did not disguise his intention to pair Lam with former Merlion F.C. lad Justin Lee, to form Hyuga United's next-generation foward line.

Rabbits chief scout Yip De Da described Lam as an uncommonly well-rounded player, with a marked willingness to retrieve the ball after losing possession. "He's got great instincts, and is scrappy on top of that. A coach's dream. It's a bit of a shame that he doesn't really have an ace in the hole that truly distinguishes him from others, but he might yet make up for it with reliability."

Newly-formed Division Four club Singapore Titans F.C. apparently thought so too, as Quah Kum Leong worked to make him their first signing, to no avail; to Lam, Hyuga's proven track-record was what mattered. "I'm delighted to join the professional ranks, and am looking forward to learning a lot."

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