WIDZEW KRK 2 - 5 Grilled Birds
International Friendly, Season 7027 February 2019 22:25 HTT
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Martin Eine & Out

There was no rest for the busy in Grilled's case, with their Trophy of Legends commitments taking them to Switzerland to face Honduras - Suiza next. "That's a lot of air miles credited." Bilal quipped. "I'm not getting jet-lagged anymore - no spare time for it!"

Back in Singapore, Farmer Bunnies trainee defender Martin Jordan made an incomplete debut, as he lasted 81 minutes of their 3-0 stroll against Eine Straßenbahn hat mehr Anhänger als Uerdingen before having to come off with a bad concussion - former German youth international Bent Gerhart had caught him on the turn, sending Jordan's head into the goalpost in a freak accident.

It remained a satifying outing for the London-born local lad, despite that. Jordan had had to turn out in a blank shirt after the staff discovered that they hadn't gotten his Number 42 jersey printed, but he had served well at rightback regardless. Tan Dong Hao and Gabriel Luke scored their first-ever goals, after an 18th minute Sarkis Krikoryan special from a free-kick.

And over in Panama, Grilled International edged fourth division hosts Agujero Negro CF through Collin Kleden's scrappy 73rd minute winner. Agujero had clearly been stalling for the draw, and attempts to recover only resulted in game-ending knocks to Rolando Astua and Pablo Edwin.

Kleden himself credited fellow midfielder Zaini bin Hj Kaling as the deciding factor. "He was our big man out there. Agujero were fiendish to break down, and there was every chance we would have lost our patience without his calming influence."

    Catxorros Culled
    Galaxy Enveloping
    Breaking Tourney Ground
    KRK Not On Top
    Martin Eine & Out
    Farmer In Contention
    Dalibor Passed Baton
    Sikong Bombshell
    Manchester Manacled
    Paladins Retired
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