15 November 2018

Followers of Grilled Birds could hardly find it in themselves to track the end of the Supporter Week tourney, given the far more engaging tale of Ho Dong Ze's S$9.7 million sale, and who could blame them? This was perhaps something of a pity, with the Birds' 4-3 over Italian Division Five challengers Sandman having all the makings of an instant classic, had it taken place under more important circumstances.

There was Islom Davlatov's one-in-a-hundred artillery strike from ten yards over the halfway line to begin with in the eighth minute, but Sandman fought back with expert team passing finished off by Giovanni Donati and Lazzaro Sicuranza, by the 22nd minute. Chu Xin Lee curled the equalizer in after 61 minutes, before Bilal and Chan effectively won it with late, late goals. Narciso Pinto Mendes embarassed Gilbert Webb by picking his pocket right after that to keep matters interesting, but Sandman couldn't build on that final flourish.

Swiss Division Five FC Hettlingen put up less resistance as Bilal and Chan recorded a brace apiece, with Islom Davlatov getting suspended for the closing tournament match due to his third yellow. Davlatov's replacement Neeraj Muthyala would go on to find the consolation goal in Grilled's 1-3 defeat to another Swiss fifth division side in FC Häse United, whose Nicolas Pfunder lorded it over midfield for long stretches.

That resulted in a just-above-average record of six wins, four defeats for the Birds, but as mentioned, the supporters appeared hardly cognizant as messageboards were flooded with threads on the incredible transfer, and possible new targets given the unanticipated boost to Grilled's treasury.

The Farmer Bunnies started the day knowing what they had to do to reach the stars, but they fell at the first hurdle - Dutch Eredivisie club SC diepFries. To tell the truth, the Buns were always battling for the draw, though Brendan Leung's encompassing shutting-down of veteran creative forward Roel Bakker made that task just that bit easier. Menno Colen would beat Vivian Grubenmann with his namesake composure in the 71st minute, however, and that was it for the Bun's playoff ambitions.

They would cut themselves looser against Spanish fourth division els golets with little left to play for, and Leung would be able to show the other facets of his game, as he covered nearly the length of the pitch in finishing off a 79th minute counter to make it 3-1. The Buns' reward would be a finale against the famous orange shirts of former Romanian Liga I champions Echte_Liebe, and they would again just miss out, with Sim Leng Cheng's magical fourth minute opener only leading into a 1-2 defeat.

This meant that the Buns finished 828th with a 7-0-3 record, second amongst Singaporean clubs, with only Ambush F.C. doing better in 619th. The well-known names of Arrogancae, St. Xavier's FC and Random Curiosity would then come between Farmer Bunnies, and the Birds in 2369th.

Grilled International managed two wins out of three, the first a 3-0 against Playa Blanca FC (Spanish Division Six), and the third a 6-0 over Atlético de Berga (Nicaraguan Division Three), with Abdul Hamid bin Hj Ali Timbang making a solid case for featuring more in the rotation. Sandwiched between them was an absolute rout inflicted by Russian Division Three side FC Spartak ( Moskau ) =, who smashed an incoherent International for eight goals. This left International in 5489th place, with an entirely-average 5-0-5 record.

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