Huskies Bremen 8 - 2 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 6913 November 2018 19:50 HTT
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On The Warpath

It was evident from his post-match comments, that Hovaness Noubaryan had hardly forgiven Marino Bertoli.

"He should have been off the instant he crashed into Rykowski." Noubaryan fumed. "And now, we've lost Moey too. I don't believe I have ever lodged an official complaint against the match officials, but I've half a mind to."

It was confirmed that the injuries to the duo aren't superficial, although Moey should likely be able to make it back for the second league round of the coming season, at the latest. The verdict remained out on the 38 year-old Rykowski, however, and Dan Seng will in all probability not have much competition for the backup spot for a long while.

Amidst all this high drama, Ho Dong Ze's big debut had been all but forgotten, not helped by his general inability to keep on the ball. About this, Chu Xin Lee wasn't too concerned. "Centre mid's hardly the kid's best position, and it's clear he has a spark about him. Most any team will be lucky to get him."

Farmer Bunnies fell 1-3 to Shanghai III.13 visitors Jacaeasondy FC, who rebounded strongly after conceding an Enzo Paolo Panzarino penalty in the 17th minute. Granted, it was an understrength 4-4-2 from the Buns, one that gave little protection to the harried Rashid Nasir al Din. Israeli playmaker Garrison Walter was outstanding for Jacaeasondy, who lost Björn Krausemüller to a sprained wrist.

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