27 June 2018
A Second Ho

As Ooi Long Ming promised, Ho Meng Feng received no less attention than Ho Ah Kian had, in drawing a final S$400000 bid from Berlin outfit REAL FC YALLA HABIBI. The seventh divisioners have made something of a name for themselves developing young talent under former Malaysian international turned head coach Fang Jian Cheng, and it was this connection that led Ho's advisors to recommend the move.

Ho might otherwise have found himself facing the Birds, with Ropelearner FC having made tentative enquiries. However, as with approaches by Italian clubs Amala1908 and R.E.D., these went nowhere quickly. Czech fifth division Gobi raised decisively, which led into a three-way running battle between HABIBI, former Jordanian Ruby Challenge Cup winners Promień na krańcu świata, and Portuguese Division Three side Deimão FC.

The cultured young midfielder acknowledged that Promień and Deimão were more prestigious destinations, but insisted that HABIBI offered something that they didn't - guaranteed exposure. "Fang plays youngsters like me a lot. Almost everything else is a bonus."

It was then Meng Feng's turn to pass the baton, as he promoted 15 year-old distant cousin Ho Dong Ze, who had just won the Number Eight shirt at the Chicken Wings last week. "I've played with him, I've played with Ah Kian, and he might be the best of us all!"

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