01 June 2018
Lum Goes Finn

17 year-old Chicken Wings graduate Lum Kum Kwang arranged a move to Finnish fifth division team Fc Puujalkapallo today, for a token consideration. Discovered by Tham Beng Li at an open trial, Lum excelled on the flanks for the Wings, although he drew top reviews whether in midfield or at forward.

His talent was such that Tham was genuinely amazed at there not being far more interest. "Maybe Lum is not quite in the likely-youth-international elite bracket, but he has to be close. I'd say Fc Puujalkapall have robbed us, but really, we'll be pleased if they develop Lum properly."

On that, Tham recognized their moulding of the homegrown Jani Karonen and Englishman Joe Bedford into stars, with the pair fetching a combined S$30 million just a few months back. "They do stick with their chosen, I'll grant them that."

Danish Division Four club BSI United were also sniffing about, having just dispensed with the services of their 22 year-old Belgian franchise player Gaëtano Bakkali, but they would have to be satisfied with the induction of Simon Beaufour from la petite cussacoise, following Fc Puujalkapallo's coup.

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