Grilled Birds 3 - 2 St. Xavier's FC
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 6827 June 2018 16:20 HTT
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Community Excitement

Grilled head coach Hovaness Noubaryan began the post-game press conference by thanking the Freak Consortium for reviving a nearly-forgotten local tradition.

"It's been fifteen seasons since the nineteenth edition of the SCC, or so I've heard from Tian." he said. "Grilled were runners-up in that, as part of Left Justice Bringer of Yellow Turbos together with Arrogancae and Marina Bay Sands."

This combination of former league rivals and a sandy third would return too, as Grilled were paired with -= Manchester United =- and Sandy Footprints in Team Embracing. Both won too - United 4-0 over Chemistry, and Footprints 1-0 over Woodlands Society - to fire Team Embracing to the top of Group A.

Noubaryan went on to praise Xaviers' trainee crop. "When a team has got three players in the national youth setup, you have to keep a close eye on them. Goncalves has got himself some right bargains, and I can't hide it, I'm kind of jealous!"

Farmer Bunnies would tie ELFAN United FC in Tunisia, as the Trophée Rubis holders levelled in the 40th minute through English winger Humphrey Brittain. Morgan Hu had gotten the Buns ahead with a 27th minute surge, and there were no further goals in a heavily tactical encounter that saw Alija Memišević and Llamil Vener go off injured.

Liechtenstein Division Three side Plankener Steinadler had earlier taught Grilled International a valuable lesson at Das Adlernest, with Elija Oehry - nicknamed "The Professor" for his scholarly appearance - delivering much of the spanking with a hat-trick, in their 6-0 win. A frustrated Fausto Perono was lucky to stay on, after his reckless challenge seven minutes from the end.

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