Grilled Birds 4 - 2 Ropelearner FC
League, Season 6801 July 2018 04:30 HTT
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Maintain Concentration

Head coach Hovaness Noubaryan had little to nitpick about his team's doings on the day, but made pains to remind them that this was just one-third of the job, in his mind. "~Pollen~ next week are no less of a tough cookie than Ropelearner, and -Blitz- is also a top-half club. It's a hard run-in, I'm not gonna hide that."

Grilled should have two key players back for the trip to ~The Flower Pot~, happily, and Noubaryan is hoping they recover their form in time. ~Pollen~ certainly showed few weak spots in their 0-4 trampling of Red Chaos, but two-goal man Reyes Aguilar will surely be rueing his booking, which sees him suspended against the Birds.

Some distance behind, -Blitz- wrecked Cloudz United 8-0, while newbies are newbies kept the pressure on with a slender 1-0 away result against ArSenal U21. ArSenal were not wanting for resolve as they hacked their way to four yellow cards, but they would fall in the end to a Rolando Gaztelu tap-in from a free-kick special, right before half-time.

It was the same one point lead at the top of III.11 for the Buns, who disposed of Ang Mohs in flip flops 5-0. There was never much of a question how it was going to end after Tham Leng Teck scored on the counter in the fourth minute, but Kwek Yun Jie's bid at a hat-trick was ended in the 86th minute, after a brave block with a sensitive region. Aswad Mohd Jafni got the remaining two goals, cutting in from the left.

Sikong Darong reassured all assembled that Kwek remained fully functional and will likely be back against GoonSquad next Sunday. "The way I see it, it's going right down the wire, after Supernova beat Unium today. We'll be ready."

Grilled International kept up their bid for a top-half finish in V.231, as Fausto Perono smashed four past Nediel C in a 7-0 shellacking. The Italian forward might have been correctly accused of making it all about himself, but who was about to complain, really?

It won't be so easy next weekend when table-toppers Real Internationale CF come visiting, and Tajit bin Mohd realistically held out no great hopes of a result. "They're two or three levels ahead of us at the moment, I can't deny that. I just expect the guys to give it a good go."

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