07 January 2017
The International

Djan Bacelar's conspicuous absence in this busy time for the club would be explained today, as he officially announced Grilled's entry into the new Hattrick International leagues, with offshoot club Grilled International to be located in Brunei.

"It's something we have always been interested in, and with the Hattrick ruling body coming up with the organization, there was no way we were sitting out." the embattled head coach spoke.

"Although we could have set up in just about any country, we settled on Brunei eventually, due to the many ties and similarities between them and Singapore. Moreover, the currency interchangeability makes doing the finances rather more straightforward."

As mandated, Grilled International will initially be raised from domestic players in Temburong, where a brand-new 12000-seater stadium has been constructed with the aid of the regional government. The club colours have been designated as red and sky blue, with striped jerseys.

Fan response to this development was strongly mixed, with some lauding the initiative, but others - probably a majority - questioning this diversion of Grilled's efforts, especially in light of their relegation. "Is this really the best time to dally with affiliates?"

On the other hand, the Farmer Bunnies have been riding high, and would come away with a credible 2-3 loss to multiple-time Belarus national champions Inter Minsk, after their friendly was brought forward. The visiting Minsk twice took the lead, but were answered by Tham Leng Teck and Hasmawi Alawee Ramli in turn, and had to wait for Sergio Tosini's 82nd minute corner conversion for the win.

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