10 June 2016
Ling Rings Out

Longtime defensive regular Ling Fuquan, who has made 204 competitive appearances for Grilled since returning from Arcturules, will move to Mexico for the next phase of his career, with Club Lobos Marinos Tec La Paz. Together with Bolivian veteran midfielder José Alfredo Alanes, Ling will be a key ingredient in head coach Matei Anghel's bid to survive Division Four.

Despite closing in on 34 years of age, Ling was assiduously pursued by multiple clubs, including Escarabajos peloteros and Biotonhox RCD (both Spanish Division Six), DOM STARIH (Montenegro Division Three), Nucleo Calcio Folle (Swiss Division Three), dollyleoparda (Italian Division Six) and A&J boys (Belgian Division Five). This made his pre-contract with Sulpriziana more or less irrelevant, as Club Lobos Marinos Tec La Paz forked out close to S$1.7 million in the end.

Ling, who has had his fair share of classic moments with Grilled, including multiple vital goals in cup finals, took the switch in his stride. "It's been a long and fruitful twelve seasons, but my job here is done. Best of luck to whoever carries on in my role, it wasn't an easy one!"

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