23 June 2016
Batâr Signed

Grilled have wasted no time in securing a goalkeeper for the upcoming must-not-lose game against Batok Earthquakes, with 23 year-old Romanian custodian Valentin Batâr arriving from Pepotitoes c.f. of Madrid for S$3.8 million. Originally from Bibliotecarii, Batâr spent half a season at former Barbados Premier League club GunFight FC, before returning to Europe.

Although Bacelar was laudatory in introducing the newcomer, the supporters were less upbeat, given that Batâr was not quite in the same bracket as the presumably-outgoing Wong Tian Han.

Still, it had to be admitted that Batâr was in demand, with a host of clubs including FC Baiern (Romanian Division Six), FC Rottaukot (Finnish Division Six), KS San Wrzawy (Polish Division Five), FK-RABOTNIKI (Romanian Division Five), Barrocal (Portuguese Division Five), Internacional de Arosio (Italian Division Seven), Kraket CF (Swiss Division Six) and Real Ugrumov (German Division Six) in the hunt. Not only that, he edged out promising options such as Kristian Hansen and Tibor Martinecz in the Birds' internal search processes.

This did not appear to have come as much consolation to the old-timer fans, however, as they recalled the mediocrity associated - perhaps unfairly - with Edmund Kryus's short reign between the sticks. "Skimping on the goalie has never gone well for us." one forum member wrote. "And I doubt it will this time either. See us in Division Three next season!"

Probably anticipating this response, Bacelar urged them to give the new guy a chance. "It has been a difficult time at the club, and Batâr is being very brave to step into the most pressure-packed position. Hopefully, the support gets behind him, and we build some stability to see us through this period."

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