11 August 2015
Fledglings Fly

The Chicken Wings saw two of their former players enter the pro ranks today, as 17 year-olds Fikri Hariri Ezrain Shamsudin and Deng Jing Ho found employment one after the other.

Fikri, a tidy midfield distributor, caught the eye of struggling Finnish Division Six side AC Rosvot, who are refreshing their lineup with fresh blood, having also signed up the very similar Nehemias Alejandro Caballero right before this. However, with Vietnamese Phan Xuân Bảo and Romanian Cătălin Fluturaş yet to make their debuts after a week, Fikri cannot take his place for granted.

Inventive striker Deng on the other hand went to newly-established Italian Division Eight outfit cammello90, as part of head coach Nicola De Grandis' whirlwind shopping spree that ended with twelve new faces in their Abruzzo clubhouse. Deng will be hoping to distinguish himself from the crowd through his hard-to-define spark.

Wings scout Lim Hock Puay congratulated the outgoing free transfers, but warned them that they were far from set. "There're hordes of hungry younglings waiting to grab their chance." Lim cautioned. "Fikri and Deng were once among them, and they should know just how valuable their squad places are."

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