newbies are newbies 4 - 5 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round of 16), Season 5912 August 2015 04:30 HTT
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Serious Business

Grilled qualified for the Singapore Cup quarterfinals for the first time since their eventual winning run five seasons ago, which will be a fresh experience for their gaggle of newcomers. "It's a whole different feeling." Ang Leong Kum mentioned. "It was just the sixth round, but my hairs were on end walking out. The closest comparism would be to my national U-20 days."

The S-League would provide the top four seeds going into the last eight, with past cupwinners Pudgy Penguins and Be Champions FC joining Grilled and once-finalists Random Curiosity FC in the fray. The second division has for their part provided Charis FC, Chelsea Pioneer and Villains F.C., while Arcturules must be the romantics' pick, after first disposing of United Warrior Team, and now reigning national champions Shining Lights.

Djan Bacelar preferred to focus on Grilled's own opponents, Villains F.C., in the post-match analysis. "Villians are another of those clubs that have been around for awhile now, but we have yet to play." the head coach said. "Actually, we have met in the Singapore Masters just last season, where they prevailed 4-3, but that's not quite official. Of course, the boys haven't forgotten that in a hurry."

Frenchman Pierre Chardon, who got a hat-trick in that game, is likely to feature after recovering from a bruised hip incurred against Wednesday Wanderers, but strike partner Julien Picque is out due to a fractured skull from Lukas Löver's inadvertent elbow in the same match. The Villains didn't need either to smash Isle of Flames 3-0, though, as winger Balbino Breixas picked up the slack.

"Villians have a very strong back four, and can punish teams swiftly by breaking with width." Bacelar continued. "It's not anything we haven't seen before, but it's not simple to deal with, either. We will be looking to outscore again, definitely."

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