25 August 2015
Cheung At Atletico

Another Farmer Bunnies trainee got his big move today, as 17 year-old wide player Cheung Hao An was signed on a S$34000 deal by Atletico ma non troppo F.C.. The Italian sixth division side took in the similarly-aged Sándor Viczián and Sabkhi Fadhil too, with the latter already having gotten several games under his belt in Croatia.

Cheung was described by his scout Ooi Long Ming as a speedy customer with an eye for a pass. "Cheung can really run, which is one thing, but he likes picking teammates out too. This sets him apart from many hopefuls, at the youth level. He has a top-class attitude too, to top it off."

The lad himself admitted to be unsure about his best position, having mostly started on the right flank for the Rabbits. "The coaches said that I would make a fine attacking fullback too, but that was mostly in training. I wouldn't turn a conversion down, if required."

"The new manager told me that I will need to build up match fitness, after having sat out the last month or two in the youth side, so that's what I will be working on." Cheung continued. "Myself, I'm raring to go!"

The Other Ones (Canadian Division Five) and Ploiesti CF (Romanian Division Six) were also interested in Cheung, but did not top Atletico's final offer.

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