04 August 2015
Ang Buy

Djan Bacelar's reaction to Grilled's pronounced dip in form was to whip out the pocketbook, and outlay a hefty S$7.4 million on former Singapore youth international midfielder Ang Leong Kum. Ang had reportedly been frustrated at being played out of position at Pakistani Division Three club Jeti, and after months on the wing and in defence, had petitioned Norman Wenzel for a transfer, which was granted.

Wenzel was however public in his reasoning that this was simply to make Ang a more well-rounded player, and Bacelar evidently agreed. "He's a bit similar to Clark Won in that respect, and I daresay he is our best defensive midfielder by some distance. I won't be pigeonholing him into a singular role, though!"

Ang, who had debuted for the national U-20 side aged barely eighteen, was without question one of the most talked-up talents of his cohort. However, though he can count captaining the team to a 2-0 victory against Ecuador on his resume, as well as share the field with former Wings prodigy Fang Tong Rong in 1-0 wins against Scotland and Suriname, and a 0-4 loss to Cuba, many have remarked that Ang has not quite reached his full potential.

This is something that Bacelar is angling to set straight. "On raw potential, there's nothing more I can ask for. It is just a matter of what Ang wants to achieve."

Grilled fans, while cautiously supportive, were also uncertain of whether this would be the signing to save their season. "We all know Ang - incredible one game, invisible the next." loyal follower Lim Huat Peng, 48, said. "Is that the answer to lousy defending?"

Ang's arrival has, if nothing else, made Zhu Changchun and Woon Shun An's tenure at the club much more shaky. "We will listen to offers." Bacelar reminded, on the duo. "Nothing has changed in that regard."

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