26 June 2015
Enzo Enters

Farmer Bunnies continued strengthening for their upcoming challenges, as they announced the S$510000 signing of Swedish forward Enzo Paolo Panzarino from Austrian Division Six employer strebersdorfer reblaeuse today. The smooth operator had done well in this time with reblaeuse, but with Julian Wildner set on a wholesale overhaul of the squad, Panzarino was told to find a new club.

Bunnies head coach Elias van Dal was alerted to his availability, and after a review of his past matches, decided that Panzarino was exactly what the team lacked. "He can unlock defences on his own, and can take a mean free-kick too. As we will be playing a lot of the 4-5-1, our guy at the top has to be very versatile, and be able to adapt to the opponent's style. Enzo provides all that, and more."

van Dal took care to emphasize that this did not mean that resident Greek target man Ermis Ftenopoulos was on his way out. "They each have their strengths." he added. "There's also no reason why we can't put them together sometimes. Enzo and Ermis will share time up top, while Daniel Nguyen and Goh Guang Xin deputize, as before."

Panzarino admitted to being a day away from signing on with German Division Six club Fortuna Fernabache, and of being unsure of Bunnies' offer. "I had reservations about uprooting myself into a whole new culture, but Elias arranged me to tour the place, and I realised that Singapore is extremely Westernized, after all." the 24 year-old noted. "The humidity will take some getting used to, though!"

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