30 June 2015
Hectic Support

Grilled Birds found the inaugural global Supporter Week Trophy a fair bit of work, but they acquitted themselves reasonably well in the first four Swiss tournament-style games. Italian Division Three club Martin Gale split the points with the Birds in their opener, Gale's defence proving a perfect foil for Grilled's offence, as captain-forwards Tian Yonghang and Cornelius Kuhni scored two apiece.

The Birds would carry on to win their next three handsomely, with Woon Shun An bagging a hat-trick versus Chilean Division Four side A New Found Glory, in a 6-3 win. A 9-0 whitewash of German lower division representatives 1. FC Ernsthausen 03 followed, in which Tian, Mohd Safri bin Mohd Kassim and Chow Ying Lee shared the spoils, before signing off with a 5-0 against Swiss Division Five FC LAwin.

Grilled head coach Djan Bacelar pronounced this collection of results most satisfactory. "The guys are not about to let their edge dull in the off-season." Bacelar claimed. "They're eager, and hungry. Qualifying for the playoffs from a field of some twenty-seven thousand isn't very realistic, but we're out to give a good account of ourselves."

Fates were reversed for the Farmer Bunnies, who won just one of their tournament games, losing the other three. Enzo Paolo Panzarino and Sikong Darong gave them a stoutly-contested 2-1 victory over Slovakian Division Six club CF Southfork, after a 0-6 wipeout by French Division Five side chattes noires, and a 1-3 loss to Czech Republic club FC Sparta Kolín. They then wrapped up with a 0-5 defeat against the similarly-themed Irscher Hopplers of Germany.

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