23 June 2015
Farewells To Four

There was an air of poignancy about The Cooking Pot today, as the club announced that three players would not be renewing their contracts, while one would halt his search for a new employer.

Of the four, the departures of Cheung Huel-sheng and Che Harun bin Sabtu were not entirely unexpected, with both having spent most of their lives in football. The forty year-old Che Harun, who has contributed with a strike against Cityspurs this season after a long stretch in the doldrums, declared that he had achieved all he had set out to. "I can't ask for more." the famously well-travelled striker said. "The game has been good to me, but it's time to take a breather now."

As for Grilled's founding goalkeeper Cheung Huel-sheng, who has for a long time been an unofficial trainer with the Birds, he has set his sights on a second career. Not satisfied with staying out of the limelight, Cheung has apparently been studying to be a referee for some time, and will now deregister as a player to qualify for the rolls.

29 year-old Dennis Kong, a willing and reliable third-stringer, will leave unfortunately without making his competitive debut, while Chicken Wings defender Chan Kiong Kong returns to his tertiary studies, after his participation in several local trials had brought no reward.

Djan Bacelar meanwhile announced that the club would be on high alert for young talent, though they had passed up on bringing Wings alumni Mohammad Ramli Saliman back from Italian side KaosLords. "Given that the recent Campeonato Ecuatoriano double winner Fuler were in for Ramli, we didn't want to stand in his way." Bacelar said. "There were concerns over our training priorities and match time, and we had to recognize that Fuler were better-equipped to provide that."

Bacelar also let it be known that the Birds had been looking at another Wings alumni in Yuki Irie, as well as the 22 year-old former national youth forward Azfar Izham, but decided against making a move. "While we do have the resources, finding the right fit is paramount." the Brazilian noted. "We aren't in a hurry to spend, and will wait for the perfect candidates to reveal themselves."

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