11 May 2015
Clark Won Over

The good news continued to roll in for Birds fans, with head coach Djan Bacelar announcing the S$3.25 million acquisition of 24 year-old attacking midfielder Clark Won totally out of the blue. His availability was a shock in itself, with Won having shone on the left wing for lukosius :], and with six league goals thus far to boot; successive losses to bitter rivals Svajonės appear to have forced Michael Latte's hand, however, as Won left as part of a four-player clearout.

Most observers considered the move as close to a steal, given that Won had fetched near S$4.9 million for Swiss club VSC Normannen on his last transfer. His delegation to the flank has however limited his application for his two seasons with lukosius :], which meant that Grilled were able to negotiate a reduced fee for the former Random Curiosity FC trainee.

"You might not remember it, but Won regularly received rave reviews when he tore up the French lower divisions with GontranFC." Bacelar said. "His star was up there with the best when he helped VSC Normannen to a Division Four title, and on top of all that, he has shown that he can be a good squaddie with his latest side."

Of course, one would hardly expect Won to be satisfied with being a benchwarmer, and Bacelar had to be at his persuasive best to get him to sign, over an offer from Swedish fourth division club Brahe United to make him their marquee player. "Clark was firm in wanting minutes, and we eventually managed to settle on a realistic schedule."

This agreement would disappoint a host of other prospective employers, including FC Velociraptors (Maltese Division Four), Bristol City Greats (English Division Five), Chamäleons (Swiss Division Seven), Holsten United (German Division Six), piastuny (Polish Division Six), Huecɸ Mundɸ (Brazilian Division Six) and FC Mid-Star (Netherlands Division Six).

Grilled's newest signing would pick former captain Gleb Dorogan's Number 26 as his shirt number, a choice that was well-received by the Birds community.

"It's a great honour to be part of one of the best sides in Singapore." the soft-spoken Won mumbled during his first interview in the green, while absent-mindedly fiddling with his thick-rimmed glasses. "Grilled have a wonderful history of developing top midfielders, and I wish to be part of that."

His mildness in person has surprised many at the club, who saw it as completely unlike his all-action persona on the pitch, amply illustrated in his highlight video reels.

"It's almost as if he's a changed man, once he removes those specs and puts on his contacts." new teammate Woon Shun An agreed, after their first training session together. "He certainly doesn't hold much back!"

Even as Grilled welcomed their new man, 17 year-old Chicken Wings winger Neeraj Muthyala left on a free to Polish Division Seven outfit KS.Bratos, who have recently started buying again after a string of fourteen straight sales. The lanky lad will be out to impress new boss Antoni Jastrun as soon as possible.

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