3 Luis Alcántara
PositionRWBAppearances122 (3)
Date of Birth6th MayCompetitive Goals16 (10/6/0)
Height170 cmCompetitive Hattricks1
Weight64 kgFriendly Goals7
Blood GroupO+Injuries4
Cards0 Red, 0 Yellow
FromHeliopolis Cairo, SG$984 000 (Season 19)
ToReleased (Season 42)

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Natural team leader even with the disadvantage of not sharing a common tongue with most of the players. Nominally captains the team whenever he plays, as he has both charisma and experience to back it up.

Sometimes accused of being a lax commander, which may have something to do with his easy acceptance. A competent free-kick taker too, but usually passes such chances to other teammates.

Brought in as Ding Sun-Nee's replacement, the Egypt-based Argentinean nevertheless plays almost exclusively on the right while Dewilde took over the left.

Known for crowd-pleasing little taunts, his form has dipped noticeably in the S-League. Made player-coach early in Grilled's second S-League season, he took to his new responsibilities with renewed vigour.

By far the most successful of Grilled's coaches in absolute terms, with two Singapore Cups and a bunch of top-half S-League finishes under his belt.

Finally deregistered as a squad member at the ripe old age of 48 due to injuries, Alcántara remains as a part-time assistant coach and full-time ambassador for the club.

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