Grilled Birds 6 - 2 Kim Tae Hee FC
League, Season 7611 October 2020 04:30 HTT
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Kang Kong On Top

To Bernie Egan, there was no question who the man of this match was. "Jinglong, no doubt!" he grinned. "Every day, after watching him in training, I can only get gladder that he's on our side now. You just can't leave your eyes off him, not for a moment."

The victory has bumped Grilled back to the top of the table - if alongside three other clubs on six points - with promotees Club Dinosauria doing very well to claim second spot, after their 5-2 home whipping of Singapore Big Dogs. Faust Salvans claimed a hat-trick of his own, as Deinos exhibited an expansive attacking style quite reminiscent of the Birds' own.

Sarcastic Fringeheads would quietly go about their business by taking Haha down 1-3 away, in an impressive display that should bolster both clubs' reputations as bona-fide title threats. It didn't go as well for Bot Team FC, who sunk to their second league defeat of the season to The EV, again at the Kandang Harimau.

The Farmer Bunnies would be overtaken in III.2 by Geylang club Kang Kong, who rode Lim Hui Yau's 13th minute header to victory at Carrot Field. Bunnies continued banking on their counters to save the day, but produced little other than first-half efforts from Sunil Patel and Nurlan Ablaev, with Aitykul Zaripbekov reduced to shooting from next to no angle, with seven minutes remaining.

"That wasn't encouraging." custodian Vivian Grubenmann had to admit. "Yes, our focus may be on the cups for now, but there might perhaps have been more energy involved."

As for Grilled International, they did continue winning, but remained behind Germany's Farm Football Global on goal difference in V.208. They did make up some ground with a 6-0 dismantling of Switzerland's FC Tschudderheuel, which was however marred by Tibor Atzenhain's dismissal for a second yellow card just in the 23rd minute. Atzenhain had managed to score from a Sazwan cross by then, not that it mollified head coach Roar Olaisen.

"There's getting written up to help your team, and there's damned nonsense." the usually-affable Olaisen fumed. "Tibor knows better to complain more, after getting booked for the very same thing! Yes, we won anyway, but I can't hide that I'm extremely disappointed at his lack of maturity here."

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