07 October 2020
Eu Stays Local

Birds apprentice winger Eu Ming Chuan will further his development in Singapore, after the club accepted a S$100000 bid from Pulau Ubin fourth division frontrunners Atlethic Pi for the 17 year-old. Flush with cash after a spate of sales, most notably the forward pair of Minko Gavazov and Sebastiano Martinelli to Venice club Nautica Figato Mare, young Swiss head coach Gilberto Dobmann had no reason to skimp overly on this target.

Eu had been approached about a free transfer by former Chilean Copa de Cartón winners Kawaii Mas Rico Que El Jugo Kapo, but Atlethic Pi's competition would come from Omani IV.4 club FC NamO in the main. As with Dobmann, Mauro Siegfried had a pile of cash burning a hole in his pocket after a mass sell-off, but their valuation of the player was ultimately not up to Pi's.

Atlethic Pi wasted no time in presenting their newest player togged out in their red with black bands, and Eu confessed that the club's connections with Spain's Recreativo saconita had been an additional pull factor. "What can I say, I'm a huge Real Madrid fan, and this is probably the closest I'll get to playing for them at this point of time!"

Chief scout Tham Beng Li thought the deal a big steal for Pi. "Ming Chuan's the rare type of lad who combines grit with flair. Although he has been best as a winger, he tracks back a lot, and has been one of our better fullback options too. Hopefully he gets the attention he deserves at his new club."

Farmer Bunnies' Ong Yeng Yao - about twenty-odd days shy of his eighteenth birthday - moved on too, with French V.113 side Les Communards signing the forward on a free transfer. Hailed as a solid old-fashioned striker, Ong had also been approached by Czech sixth divisioners TJ Žimrovice, but went with Les Communards after some consultation with his coaches.

"They have a good reputation for polishing the resume of their trainees, and even if it doesn't last long, chances are high that I'll be better-placed." Ong explained. "It's difficult to stand out here with the club having like three former internationals in my position."

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