Grilled Birds 7 - 1 Shoryuken FC
League, Season 7324 November 2019 04:30 HTT
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A Fringehead Too Far

Moey Xin Seng, an unused substitute today, complimented his teammates on a job well done. "Shoryuken FC caused some concern after Theodore got one back, but thankfully we got our stuff together in the second half. Congratulations Vikram, of course, for reaching fifty in the league. He's good for at least fifty more!"

Head coach Hovaness Noubaryan was also pleased at there being no further suspensions or injuries, although Grilled wouldn't make up any ground in the table either, with both Singapore Big Dogs and Ramseille Volliard FC winning by two-goal margins against the Automats and the Earthquakes respectively. The Birds did overtake Joker 9, who drew one-all at ~Pollen~, who have entered administration to the total surprise of the local Hattrick fraternity.

Grilled Birds' Cup prospects didn't look especially bright, that aside, from how their quarterfinal opponents FC Barca Singapore overran Haha's five-man backline by three excellent goals. The Birds' biggest advantage would be an ankle injury incurred by starting left winger Krystian Wiatrak, who will definitely not be available on Wednesday; this further robs FC Barca Singapore of their go-to set-piece taker.

The result left FC Barca Singapore atop the S-League, as Farmer Bunnies' fortune finally ran out against Sarcastic Fringeheads. They tried to replicate what had worked against Bot Team FC last week, and it all went about as good as could be expected for the first fifty minutes or so, with Sofian Azfar doing a fine number on the Fringeheads' Scottish forward Ryan Kerr.

It all went south after Wu Jinglong seized upon a moment of weakness from Lau Chang Wan to break the deadlock, sadly. Christophe Fouche would leave for Billy Camperio to try and make the difference, but the Bunnies' best effort went begging, when Vishnu Tallapaka's 81st minute screamer under the wall was somehow warded off by Tan Aik Shi. Satrap Kabiri then put the result beyond all doubt, after being fed by Mladen Jurkota down the left.

Farmer Bunnies skipper Tham Leng Teck urged his teammates not to be too downfallen. "A first defeat was bound to come eventually, and I'm certain if we had been told that we would be level with Bot Team FC and Sarcastic Fringeheads on ten points after five rounds before the season, we'd have taken it."

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