Grilled Birds 3 - 4 FC Barca Singapore
Cup (Round of 16), Season 7327 November 2019 04:30 HTT
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Leggenda Remembered

There were no regrets for Grilled head coach Hovaness Noubaryan, as he contemplated another quarterfinals loss to FC Barca Singapore. "The team played hard, and it was as close as the final score suggested." he began. "Prokop Mottl in particular ran his socks off. Thankfully, there's no big deal with the knocks to him and Kalki."

The elimination from the main cup has opened the Emerald Challenger Cup to the Birds once again, and high-flying IV.15 club BEDOK 138 FC. This has by any measure been an incredible run for a club formed towards the tail-end of last season, moreso as their ten-win streak includes well-known names such as Sim(TM), The Sing Tigers and quite pointedly, the very Batok Earthquakes that had recently thrashed Grilled 5-0. That said, Noubaryan fully expects victory. "Huzaiman Helmi's a special guy to have driven them this far, but we're how it's going to end."

Farmer Bunnies are likewise in the Ruby Challenger Cup quarters with a routine 3-0 win over Geylang-based third divisioners Amicitia Maritimo United; Morgan Hu knocked a cross from an overlapping Tham Leng Teck in after fourteen minutes, and Nurlan Ablaev followed up with a brace, with his bid for a hat-trick saved by Miloš Avramović in the 84th minute.

This sees the Buns up against a CoCoTeaTree Islanders side going for their third Ruby trophy next, and it looks to be a possible long-range duel thanks to the Islanders specializing in a high-volume turnover of shots. If they do get into the semis, the Bunnies will probably meet one of Arrogancae or Random Curiosity FC to boot - not that Dalibor Kostadinović was thinking too much about it.

"We're simply going to play as we always do." the Bunnies gaffer proclaimed. "It's up to them to deal with it."

The most memorable achievement of the week would however indisputably belong to Grilled International, who achieved what was by far the biggest scalp of their history in knocking former Hattrick International champions Io sono leggenda out of the H.I. Cup. It was not some dreary siege withstood to penalties either, as a red-hot Ragib Banović came out all guns ablaze, to record a second hat-trick in as many matches.

This was something of a dream for International who, remember, are still mired in Division Five. Banović himself appeared to be in a daze as reporters clamored for his comments. "I'll have some for you, when I wake up tomorrow."

There will be no rest for the overachieving, as International were placed against current I.1 leaders FC Kokaviidika in the next round. But, as Roar Olaisen so proudly reminded all gathered, they weren't anything that his team hadn't faced down before.

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