Playboys Us 5 - 1 Grilled Birds
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 7017 February 2019 20:51 HTT
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What Could Be

There would be plenty of jersey exchange requests from the Birds after the match, with most of the Playboys Us fellows glad to oblige. Moey Xin Seng hailed a contest well fought, against a team well endowed.

"Despite losing by four goals, I'm honestly proud of how we did." Moey said. "I don't think I will say such a thing again. Creating seven legit chances against Playboys Us is not something to be sniffed at, and I'm hoping the guys remember the fire they showed today."

Kalki Parvathaneni, with Kleer's shirt slung over his shoulder, agreed. "Club teams don't come much stronger than this, and we had our moments, despite the final score. Ideally we'll get more such experiences in the knockout stages."

    Peckers Bigger
    Stratton Stumped
    Through From Group C
    Taught By Us
    What Could Be
    KTH Too Clever
    Until Next Time
    Serpin Joins Birds
    Appetizer Play
    Can't Wait
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anonymous: excellent read as always!- Yjorn
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anonymous: Rasha say
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gilbertlim: well, it seemed like that.
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anonymous: I didn't play a 4-5-2
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