Robbie Football Club 0 - 8 Grilled Birds
League, Season 7020 January 2019 04:30 HTT
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Lau Through The Ropes

Hovaness Noubaryan refused to esteem the result too highly given RFC's circumstances, but with the team making up goal difference on both Mia San Toa Payoh - who defeated Real Balmoral 4-1 - and Kim Tae Hee FC, the Grilled head coach couldn't entirely hide his optimism.

"A bit wasteful, if you ask me, but there were some encouraging signs out there. Chan was consistent again, and Islom Davlatov - that's one man who will never go easy."

Kim Tae Hee FC cleaned Joker 9B's clock with braces from Mohd Irzani Mohd Ridhwan, Ignacy Karnat and Alejandro Llosa, but -= Manchester United =- would outdo that with their ten-nil smashing of BCFC. For Noubaryan, though, only one event mattered - next Sunday's match against current leaders Mia San.

"Lose, and we're realistically out of it. Draw, and it's still theirs to lose. We don't have much choice."

The Farmer Bunnies all but lost theirs, as they were overpowered by a nigh-invincible Ropelearner FC. Marijan Grgeč and Ye Junzheng combined to put Ropelearner three up by half an hour, and although Nurlan Ablaev poached one back, a 43rd minute arm injury to Lau Chang Wan - who had just impressed with a goal in the national side's 2-2 draw against the Philippines - killed the Buns' building momentum on the right.

There would be another big blow as Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany aggravated a knee problem later on, and although Vishnu Tallapaka converted a 72nd minute penalty, Ibrahim would then be put out of commission for awhile thanks to Grgeč's cynical targeting. Sikong Darong was split between fury at the treatment Ibrahim received, and grudging admiration for the visitors' commitment to victory.

"I can't say I like how they play, but it's worked very well for them so far. As for ourselves, we have plenty to reflect on."

Roar Olaisen's honeymoon at Grilled International was well and truly over, as they suffered a second successive 0-5 league loss, this one at the hands of Manchesthair United. English Number Nine Louis Coleman dominated at Burung Memorial Stadium, as G.I. were again found entirely wanting with the ball.

They would lose Zaini bin Hj Kaling to a bruised ankle into the bargain, and Olaisen admitted that he had no idea how it all went south so rapidly.

"Yes, we have our issues in attack, but losing by five is just not normal - not here, not for any team that I coach. There's a lot to iron out, we just have to figure out where to begin!"

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