15 January 2019
Uma In The Millions

Farmer Bunnies trainee Umakant Chakraborty became a huge surprise hit, as he fetched a humongous S$5.6 million from Dutch sixth division club Robinson FC. Chakraborty had been hotly pursued by former national cupwinners Villains F.C., but Petri Puustinen finally threw in the towel after Robinson FC gave no signs of relenting.

This was a level of bidding to which neither Umakant nor his coaches at the academy had expected he would reach, by their own admission. "Thinking back, it isn't entirely too out there." Rancher Rabbits scout Tong Han Kong said. "Umakant's a total outfield player who's a top physical specimen, and has the makings of a leader as well. Very mature for his age. I do still confess that the final fee's a bit on the high side."

Chakraborty had initially expected to leave for Woodlands fourth division side Kampung Reunited on a free, but the offers soon rolled in - Tuincreaties VDB (Belgian Division Five), then a trio of Italian sides in tassoteam (Division Three), Dinamo Pippo (Division Five) and Wepp@ VS Kerubino (Division Six). 1. FC Fussvertrumpt United (Swiss Division Six), Sk Váhovce (Slovakian Division Five) and Frau Gefunden in Mexico (German Division Six) followed, after which Atabal (Spanish Division Five) and pesac (Romanian Division Six) broke the million-dollar barrier.

Robinson FC are no strangers to high-rolling, with their last fourteen transfers all involving eight-figure sums, and Chakraborty was admirably composed for a teenager whose entire life had just changed. "I will strive to do my best."

There was also good news from Grilled International, with Wang Hanxuan rumoured to have caught the eye of the Bruneian national coaches. Pundits consider him unlikely to break into the setup without years of additional development, but it was enough to spark excitement amongst the fanbase.

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