Club Waragi 0 - 7 Grilled Birds
International Friendly, Season 7023 January 2019 18:50 HTT
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As the Birds squad headed out for a well-earned day on Ilhéu das Rolas, the Farmer Bunnies were on the wrong end of the same seven-nothing scoreline in Italy, as Division Six club A.S. Vecchio Cucs smashed their reserves to pieces. Sofian Azfar was about the only Bunny to come out of it with any credit, though Daniel Nguyen did cover the most ground amongst players from both teams.

Both were utterly overshadowed by Vecchio's veteran defender Romano Musolino, who scored from two penalties, a twenty-five yard free-kick, and from open play. To this, he added a yellow card in the 33rd minute, earned after narrowly avoiding bystander Tan Dong Hao on a reckless sliding tackle.

Grilled International on the other hand managed a remarkable friendly victory over former Egyptian Dawry El Momtaz and Kas Misr champions NoDrugs futball club, even if the current iteration of the Giza legends were some distance off those lofty heights. Ragib Banović found the net twice in a 6-0 romp, which also saw Wang Chu Chi suffer a freak hand injury in time added on.

Safari bin Hj Jali, who found International's last goal right before that incident, feted their hosts after the match. "It would have been very different against NoDrugs' previous teams. I saw plenty of heart in their new generation today, and it won't be long before they're back where they belong."

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