03 January 2019
Ahmad An Angeli

Italian seventh division newcomers Angeli Pawierer took Grilled International trainee Ahmad bin Hj Herman on a free today. The seventeen year-old Ahmad was recognized as a physical - even bruising - midfielder with the Busy Bees, one who was never afraid to throw his weight about, even against larger fellows.

This was a quality that Bees scout Adinath Pant greatly appreciated. "Tactics and technique can be taught, but this sort of fire is hard to come by. I can't recall Ahmad ever stepping down from a challenge, and although Angeli Pawierer have been gathering quite the crowd of candidates, Ahmad has the grit to stand out."

Financially-wise, International were helped somewhat more by the mother club sell-on clause on 21 year-old goalkeeper Woon Tse. Having moved on from Italian side A.C. Zanarkand to Portugal's Moinho Velho F.C. after a short half-season stay, Woon would command a dizzying S$13.3 million from ambitious Brunei Division Two strivers Les Enfants Terribles 13.

Grilled International's cut came to a very nice S$266000, which new Director of Football Tajit bin Mohd attributed to good forward planning. "We're reaping the rewards of our youth development - and should continue to do so."

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