Zarampahuilo FC 0 - 10 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 1), Season 7021 November 2018 04:30 HTT
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Ibrahim Intense

Bernie Egan got his first session with the local press after the game, and he gave an unqualified thumbs-up. "It's a good team, very fast, very alert, I like the feel of the place already."

Later on, Hovaness Noubaryan took pains to remind all that the result was only to be expected. "Top three is the goal this season. Competition's stiff, as always, but we have what it takes. United have just sold off a number of starters, and I'd be quite displeased if we didn't take something from Old Trafford over the weekend."

27 year-old Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany was lethal for the Buns against Jurong's Barsenal with a first-half hat-trick, and it transpired that the Saudi former youth international had made a resolution to himself. "We could have achieved so much more last season, had we scored a few more goals. I don't want the same thing to happen again."

Sim Leng Cheng wouldn't miss out, bagging in the 71st minute, while Sofian Azfar won praise with his brace from defence. Bunnies wound up 9-0 victors, and will face Albirex Niigata TM in the next round.

It was much the same story for Grilled International, who had little trouble with Norwegian Duststorm. Helge Høydahl would be sent off for his completely unacceptable shove on Wang Chu Chi after 67 minutes, although International were already running away with it by then. Fausto Perono was hardly at his best, but he encouragingly rounded off the scoring with a sick turn on Ernesto Acosta, making it six-nil.

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