Controlar 2 - 7 Grilled Birds
Cup, Ruby (Round of 16), Season 6816 May 2018 05:00 HTT
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Stanoiev Stands Down

There was no question about Bilal Mohammad Harun fitting in after his explosive debut, with Hovaness Noubaryan quick to remind all that he wasn't even in his best position. "He's really much more a pure midfielder as it stands, but he's also really just that good!"

Grilled are however scheduled to face Be Champions FC next, hardly a favourable draw given how the multi-time S-League winners toyed with Bukit Gombak in their 5-0 win today. Grilled captain Moey Xin Seng refused to be cowed by BCFC's reputation, despite leading questions from the assembled reporters.

"The very fact that they're here means that they can be beaten." Moey said. "And if we're talking about history, we have some of our own too."

Farmer Bunnies too advanced in the Sapphire Challenger Cup, passing their Mia San Toa Payoh test with flying colours. National striker Tan Tong Leong was largely neutralised by Brendan Leung's indefatigable man-marking, and the match was further turned on its head by Morgan Hu's collision with Mia San goalie Gheorghe-Daniel Stanoiev early on.

His replacement Gersão Pereira Correia was, simply put, not quite of the same standard, and would let in goals from Aswad Mohd Jafni and Leung in the next ten minutes. This proved more than sufficient for the Buns to take the win, and Mia San would have to endure a final indignity in the closing minutes, with Jerry Lim taking a stray knee to his privates in a chaotic melee.

Sikong Darong was visibly chuffed at the result, and didn't hide being happy with the Buns' chances, despite being matched up - for the first time ever - against Arrogancae in the quarter-finals.

"We know of Arrogancae's pedigree, of course, but we're much more concerned about our own performance, to be honest. I think it should be the other team getting worried about how to get past us!"

Grilled International recorded a 2-1 home friendly victory over Portuguese fifth division visitors Real Club Cagareus, after going behind to German forward Mario Rußler's free-kick late in the first half. Fausto Perono skied one in the 65th minute but made it up by winning and converting his own penalty two minutes later, and Ragib Banović then came up with the goods after a partially-cleared corner.

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