30 July 2018
Killick Time

The first former international on Grilled International's books would be Welshman Adam Killick, signed on a million-dollar agreement with Romanian Division Four club Pumas Diablo. A perennial favourite with hometown side Garth Road Masters, he reached the League of Wales with them, but Garth would self-implode after that brief flash of glory, leaving Killick out of contract.

Ten-time Colombian national champions WANDER´S F.C. accepted him on a play-as-you-go, but he moved on to Liga Pilipinas side **FC INTERNAZIONALE** after a month, where he would first be selected for the Welsh Dragons, before becoming part of INTERNAZIONALE's historic double-winning squad. That settled, he moved for S$4.8 million to Pumas Diablo at the age of 34, and stayed for three seasons.

Grilled International head coach Tajit bin Mohd proclaimed Killick as representing what the club aspired to. "Adam has seen three different top divisions, and won it all in the Philippines. If just a sliver of that rubs off on our guys, it's money well spent."

Although Killick had made his name as a defensive midfielder, Tajit confirmed that he will largely be deployed as a sweeper with International. "It'll maximize his current strengths, and I believe that Adam remains second to none at playing it out. I can tell you that we're all very excited at how it will all play out!"

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