FK Zapad 1 - 4 Grilled Birds
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 7503 July 2020 19:10 HTT
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International Lobotomized

The S-League rose to fifth place in the World Battle tourney with their second collective victory, and are now behind only the French Championnat, the American II.4, Kenya's Ligi Kuu Ya Kenya and the Italian II.4 in the international standings. Sunday's opponents Sarcastic Fringeheads evinced no ill-effects from their Hattrick Masters loss on penalties to the J. League's Adeptus Custodes, as they schooled Veles City 5-0. It was tougher for The EV against a stubborn FK Stip, but Yuriy Benko's indirect free-kick conversion with seven minutes remaining gave them a 3-2 win.

Team captain Moey Xin Seng was happy about this small measure of national glory that the club had contributed to, but he emphasized that the real business was elsewhere. "The Custodes have shown us that Fringeheads can be defeated." Moey asserted. "Although their recent record is unimpeachable, they are far from invincible, and I daresay they may not be quite what they were a couple of seasons back. We'll see."

The Bunnies eked out a 2-1 win against RIC FC, thanks to a neat set-up for Christophe Fouche's opener, before Kwek Yun Jie's contribution came just in time to cushion Candan Sepin's strike. This would be part of Singapore's II.1 near-sweep of their Panama counterparts, with only former Copa Consolación El Mundial del Barrio winners Real Condado C.F. holding Tecos Foreign Legion.

Notably, despite there somehow being an air of decline around the Buns following their relegation, their results in the second division have actually been pretty excellent, with nine wins and two draws from their eleven matches thus far this season. "All that talk's overblown." goalkeeper Vivian Grubenmann insisted. "Some injuries have gotten us down, but whenever I head out with the team, I frankly expect to come out victors - and that says something."

Alas, this didn't apply to Grilled International, who suffered their second big league defeat in a row, this moreover at their Burung Memorial Stadium, to Ecuador's Los lobos de Cotopaxi. International paid a very high price for lacklustre passing in the final third, and would be roundly punished by Jo Lommer in particular, in a shameful 1-5 whipping.

Fausto Perono's nicely-worked 37th minute consolation bought no sympathy points from the disgrunted fans, many of who are now calling for heads to roll. "This is barely a football team!" one worthy wrote on the club's online forums. "I've seen more fight and skill at my son's schools competition last week - and he's seven years old."

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