20 February 2021
Youth Buzz

The mood about the Chicken Wings youth academy had not been this excited for a long time, as Mok Feng De unveiled 15 year-old wunderkind Shubhaksh Verma this morning. A stupendously-skilled forward in the junior ranks, Verma had been on numerous watchlists since his primary school days, and his decision as to which club to join had been one of the most eagerly-awaited decisions in the land.

As it was, he would select the Number Eleven jersey at the Wings, and a beaming Mok prophesied great things to come from the youngster, if he applied himself. "There haven't been many with Verma's potential around these parts, for a long, long time." the experienced scout insisted. "There's no exaggeration when I say the sky's the limit here."

February has been an excellent month for recruitment, with the Wings having inducted another extremely promising 15 year-old in the two-footed winger Yeo Rong Soon last week. And just before that, they had welcomed midfielder Safwan Nasir al Din, although that last was arguably just a little too late, to be considered of the highest tier of potential.

Not that Mok was about to put him down. "Yeo and Safwan are near the top of their respective year groups too. They certainly have the talent - it's up to them to fully develop it."

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