Phoenix Cedrus 0 - 3 Grilled Birds
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 7719 February 2021 19:10 HTT
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Four By Four

While there was no disguising Grilled Birds' deserving win against Phoenix Cedrus, the American II.2 would have the last laugh, as they took the other two fixtures to come out ahead on aggregate. Premier Chicago club White Hot Blizzard became one of the few to make Sarcastic Fringeheads look inferior, as they worked out a 4-1 victory, despite going behind to a creative Zaki Taleb strike in the 37th minute.

Despite that, the S-League had retained the upper hand for 83 minutes of -= Manchester United =-'s match against FC Pernaug, with German striker Horst Friedrich Dalen having put them ahead in the 77th. Kris Lichtenstein would have FC Pernaug back level after United got a little too greedy, sadly, and former national winger Jumbo Sutphin would then weave his magic.

It was the same scoreline in reverse for a tame Farmer Bunnies, whose attempts to play on the counter were smothered by Icelandic II.1 representatives Real Rioja CF. Once Harmbikar Íslands shieldwinners, Rioja kept to the basics, which proved more than sufficient as they ground their way to a first goal just before half-time, knocked home by Pierluigi Quadrio Aristarchi. The Buns were never convincing when they held possession, and additional goals by Víťazoslav Šťulík and Juan Manuel Ojeda were about what the visitors had earned.

This was part of a total wipeout by II.4, with Galactic Eagles CF falling 1-3 to FC Member Berries, and The EV coming closest - but not quite - in a 1-2 loss to former Íslandsbikarinn holders FC LeeckerLeecker II. Kwek Yun Jie could only admit that the team simply wasn't good enough. "We were outhustled."

There would be no victory again for Grilled International, as they slipped out of the top half of the table, with a four-all draw versus Portugal's New Vikings. International took the lead on four occasions, only to be clawed back each time, and the last goal by Nuno Rosa in injury time was the hardest to take.

While many fans would fault Safari bin Hj Jali for that online, Zaini bin Hj Kaling was of the opinion that it was a collective failing. "Rosa should never have been left alone like that to begin with." the midfielder opined. "I don't know who, but there should have been someone on him."

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