Grilled Birds 9 - 0 Atlantidi
Tournament (Group Phase), Season 7722 February 2021 06:00 HTT
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Celtic Remeet

Pendle Hill Conures would up themselves to a 2-0 final score to qualify second from Group A, which earned them a Round of 32 berth against Liga Perdana luminaries, Malaysian Tigers. As for the Birds, they would draw Taiwanese III.4 leaders and two-time Dragon League champions Taiwan Celtic, whom they had lost a home friendly to, about 26 seasons ago.

With the players involved from both clubs having long passed from the scene, there were few reminisces to be had, and Eren Serpin just wanted a positive result out of the rematch. "Having some history is great, but the bottomline remains victory."

That was to be had for Grilled's youth side too, as the Chicken Wings demolished Chicago Fire FC's south side wariors in the A World Youth Championship, by seven goals to nil. 15 year-old Shubhaksh Verma would garner the rare distinction of a front page spread in the club newsletter on his debut, as he poached the second goal in the 34th minute from Yip Chu Wee's corner.

Abdul bin Jantan hailed it as one of the best entrances to the Wings that he had seen in many a season, and tipped Verma to keep it up. The standout for the former Birds midfielder would be Yip - who scored twice in addition to his corner assist - however. "He's not just fast, he's strong too." Abdul assessed. "Quite a few clubs are beginning to take notice, that's not a secret."

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