07 January 2021
It's A Trep

Grilled Birds' last three games in the Supporter Week Trophy would begin with a second defeat against German II.3 club Treptower Traktor, which all but assured their exit in the league stage. The former Saphir-Pokal winners won 6-2, as Russian striker Kliment Golovaschenko had a field day, notching a hat-trick. The true architects behind Traktor's victory were perhaps Peter Krieger and company in defence, however, as they limited Grilled to goals from Wu Jinglong and Chan Ze Han.

There would be a 4-0 bounceback against Spanish Division Five side Lan Gran Reserva, which had all three forwards in Moey, Mudaliar and Egan scoring. Finally, Grilled drew two-all with three-time Norwegian Tippeligaen champions Løkka FK, who are currently recovering their strength in the third division; the Birds appeared set for a win in the 75th minute, only for Miguel Ángel Maier and Bjørn Egil Løvold to hit back. As such, Grilled finished in 845th position of 25066 participants, with a 7-1-2 record.

Farmer Bunnies wound up in the middle of the pack, with a 4-2-4 to finish in 12672nd place. Former Dragons Elite titleholders tianying triumphing 3-1 was perhaps not unexpected, but the Buns' defence generally acquitted themselves well, and Nurlan Ablaev's equalizer had them drawing until the final three minutes. The exhausted Buns would however be thrashed 0-4 by Spanish fourth divisioners Alicompton next, before Ablaev again found the net in a 1-1 draw against German Division Six team Kansas_City_Chiefs.

The test against tianying would however remain foremost in Lim Su Liang's mind. "These are the clubs that I've always dreamt of meeting, from when I was a youth trainee." the former St. Xavier's FC star said. "And, we're not that far off, really!"

Grilled International fared slightly better, ending up 9247th with a winning 5-1-4 outcome, which started with them holding Swiss V.195 side FC Sergione Juniors off, 6-4. International would twice take a two-goal lead, only to be caught up each time, and would only pull clear for good with Zaini bin Hj Kaling's strike in the 67th minute. Osertz Indurain then made sure as Safari bin Hj Jali put in the work down the left.

There would then be a total collapse as Chilean veteran Diego Soto ran wild for Polish H.I. Division Five side In vino sanitas, bagging four times in a 6-0 wipeout. The hugely-embarassed International team would restore some credibility against Hungarian fifth divisioners Ferenzino, with Wang Hanxuan capping the 3-1 comeback win off with a couple of late finishes.

Wang recognized that International were not where they wanted to be, in terms of consistency. "We may be back in Division Four, but unless we get our heads together, it might be another brief stop. Granted, I believe we do have the raw talent to make an impact."

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