06 January 2021
Lo Beholds Brotherhood

Two youth academy graduates embarked on their pro careers today, with Grilled Birds' Lo Pin Chin joining Serangoon-based fourth divisioners Brotherhood SG on a free transfer. The club management have had a record of short-lived footballing ventures, with none of Drakiz United FC, Second Chance FC or The BrotherHood of Singapore lasting more than a few seasons. Head coach Cheung Jia Yau has pledged not to repeat past missteps, however, and his initial recruitment does suggest a sustainable development plan.

The star of the team will be Italian striker Pietro Fasciani for now, which suits Lo just fine, as the 17 year-old winger looks to establish himself. Reasonably comfortable on either wing, Lo's height and jumping ability has often been touted as a welcome bonus, and he has credited it for Mok Feng De giving him a chance after he had been rejected by Arrogancae's No0BisH FC.

Farmer Bunnies' midfield hopeful Syamsul Bahri Fikry, also seventeen, was meanwhile selected by Lithuanian V.173 champions FC Naujoji Vilnia, alongside German lad Stephan Schwürzenbeck. A no-frills sort, Syamsul had also considered an approach by German seventh division outfit FC Türkgücü Hagenbach, but eventually decided that the environment at Vilnia was more to his liking.

Dalibor Kostadinović declared himself pleased for Syamsul, while dismissing reports that have linked the Buns to a return of former players Alex Duffy or Cheung Hao An. "We'd love to have them back in a personal capacity, no doubt, but I can't see how they would fit into the current squad."

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