Excalibur Lions 5 - 2 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 7610 January 2021 11:50 HTT
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Lusaka Lulled

Eren Serpin expressed some concern that the second-liners were not making full use of their opportunities to impress. "They don't come around that often, and from what I've seen today, it will be hard to persuade me to give chances in more important matches."

Serpin notably singled out Heng Dong Chu for specific comment. "Heng scoring today was encouraging, but in his broader play, he was mostly given the run-around by Mazin and Loghmani - can't hide that. His form is remaining a worry for us, and I don't want to mince words: he needs to pull more weight, and fast."

Farmer Bunnies edged Zambian III.14 hosts Lusaka City Football Club to end their season on a positive note, but it would have to wait until ten minutes before the final whistle; Billy Camperio, who replaced Christophe Fouche in the 60th minute, would pop up then to plant one past Howard Ching'andu, after the sprightly young side's concentration finally faltered.

Goalkeeper Rashid Nasir al Din celebrated his clean sheet, while accepting that it would take time for the Buns' famed defence to regain its former glory. "Their Number Eighteen, Melvin Kashweka, he got a few shots off that he would never have in the past. The new boys are trying their best, but it's just not the same."

Grilled International saw off Italian fourth divisioners U.S.Sarmeola 5-2 at home, with Li Xin Chi completing his brace and seeing International 4-0 up by the 23rd minute. The visitors would answer through transfer-listed Colombian striker Hugo Marcelo Martina, who was duly immediately withdrawn; Osertz Indurain and Damian Brancart traded barbs in an action-filled finish.

The happiest news for Roar Olaisen on the day was however probably another half-million dollar windfall from Emran bin Saiful Azmi's latest transfer, as the former trainee and Brunei U-20 international left Fortuna Hummel for Dutch IV.21 club fc ohoh after barely one and a half seasons, no thanks to Hummel's relegation. The Germans did make a cool million on the 22 year-old goalkeeper, who fetched a princely S$25.5 million from his new employers.

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