10 September 2020
Three Ones

The Birds finished 387th in the Trophy of Legends with six wins and two losses, after a final day that had them see off both opponents by three goals to one. Dutch fifth division champions gringo united would take the lead through Pablo Federico Buchanan's killer instincts, and hold it for over an hour, but Kalle ter Berg would curl an equalizer home in the 69th minute. Late goals from Chu Xin Lee and Bernie Egan then made for the reversal.

It was much the same story against another Dutch Division Five side in WFC Søccer, who struck first through Ivo Pavličević, before Chu, Egan and Heng Dong Chu rode in to the rescue. "I suppose that's the script for today." Chu Xin Lee joked.

Farmer Bunnies had the same 6-0-2 record, which had them 198th of 2790 entries in the Heroes of 2014 Trophy. German sixth division winners RB Bremen would first be put down four goals to nil, in a classic counterattacking display. Breman's best effort was a superb strike from distance by Félix Peláez just before half-time, but Vivian Grubenmann was equal to that.

The Buns then followed Grilled's 3-1 lead at Italian sixth divisioners Piedi di marmo, whose fullback Rafael Parada shoved their opener in, on a twice-blocked corner in the 18th minute. Vishnu Tallapaka answered set-piece for set-piece with a precise free-kick in the 35th, however, and forwards Nurlan Ablaev and Mushtag Al-Nameeri converted good counterattacks, as Piedi tried to force the win late on.

Grilled International scrabbled to a 4-1-3 finish, and 2485th place of 6830 teams in the Heroes of 2017 Trophy, by winning their final two games too. It would be Argentine Division Six team JuniorsRgl up first, and they would give International something of a scare, by whittling a 3-0 lead back down to 3-2. Safari bin Hj Jali would have to put the lead on this match, in the 72nd minute.

Lastly, there would be a rather more comfy 5-1 victory against German sixth divisioners Sandkrug, who were 0-5 down by the 24th minute. Claudio Polizzi did earn them a consolation in the second half, which also saw a set of near-misses from Tibor Atzenhain.

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