No linealidad en dimensión finita 0 - 8 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 7509 September 2020 16:40 HTT
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Hamid Hams It Up

This visit to Madagascar has completed Grilled's record of playing in all Hattrick territories once again, with Eren Serpin intending to continue club tradition, by inviting clubs from the six yet-unhosted countries next. "Our players can never complain of having an underutilized passport, if nothing else!"

Serpin was also relieved to hear that 18 year-old Luis Naves had undergone a brain scan and come out alright, although he will nonetheless remain under observation for a few days, and not be cleared to play for a week or so. "Head injuries should be taken extra-seriously. I'm glad to hear there was nothing lasting there."

Earlier, Farmer Bunnies had hosted Portuguese third division side at SempreJony FC, and emerged 5-0 winners, with youngsters Sunil Patel, Djoko Tambusai and Wadihan Hanafi Yusuf scoring in turn. SempreJony FC were doing pretty well before Polish midfielder Łukasz Hajdasz was sent off right before half-time for a shocking lunge on Billy Camperio, and it would be a whole different ball game after that, as the Buns found their five goals.

There would also be a big win for Grilled International in their friendly against Saint Vincent and the Grenadines III.10 champions 11 señoritas, which saw Abdul Hamid bin Hj Ali Timbang send two free-kicks beyond Hyron Evanson, to have a hat-trick in an 8-1 rout. Turkish player-coach Göksel Çalıkbey did pull one back towards the end, as he saw off Arcadi Sansalvador to find a way past Vadym Gorozhankin.

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