04 September 2020
International Go Down

Champions last season, relegated the next, Grilled International's collapse has been nothing short of stupendous. Their fate was sealed in their 4-5 loss at Romanian hosts Dihania, in which they came back from two down to lead 3-2 at one stage, before being put down as Cristi Anastasescu and Constantin Togan shared the Golden Boot between themselves, and FC Gränsö's Valentin Iturbizkar.

Not even a superb brace by 21 year-old German forward Tibor Atzenhain could put a shine on this downer, and the knives were well and truly out for head coach Roar Olaisen, whose popularity amongst the fanbase has all but crumbled within months. Where it went wrong, was easy enough to see - International had cultivated a respectable midfield and one of the strongest central attacks in the division, but had remained distinctly average at best in other departments.

As it stands, Olaisen may not be at the helm for much longer, with understudy Didi Reidenbach already rumoured to have been in discussions with the board to caretake the team. Matters were made worse by speculation concerning discontent by some the club's stars, whom are understandably far from pleased at the regression, but they may not be getting too much sympathy from the supporters on this.

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