11 September 2020
Lim & Chow Scarper

Two of the clubs' more-marginal 17 year-old talents had their break today, as Grilled's Lim Shi Pin and Farmer's Chow Chi Kiong snagged last-minute free transfers out. Lim, a stocky attacker much in the mould of teammate Wee Ping Fu - if not quite as celebrated - went downtown to fourth division club Durian Lovers United. Durian have been active in the local market recently, having picked up Chen Chin Seng from the Buns, Abduh Razin from Sarcastic Fringeheads, Chew Chuan Kim from Arrogancae and Choo Huat Meng from Upright Stick of Justice, among others.

As for Chow, a more exotic destination was in store for him, as he was signed by Icelandic IV.32 side Laxenburg MCMLI. Jónas Hafsteinsson recruited him as part of his initial batch of six signings, all on frees except for Belgian lad Jeroen Longerstaey. Some support might be expected from their parent outfit Rapid Laxenburg, though Chow admitted that he was ready to go just about anywhere.

"It's not the time to be picky." he said. "Every day out there is one day more as a professional for me."

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