08 September 2020
Wee To Keltoi Vigo

Chicken Wings academy striker Wee Ping Fu moved on a S$434000 deal to Spanish seventh division club Keltoi Vigo GAC, over sustained interest from Sporting Schwienswei (Dutch Division Six) and local Division Three side Good Luck FC. Wicked Wombats (Dutch Division Six) and Sousa Esporte Clube (Brazilian Division Six) had been reported to have made preliminary approaches, though without following up.

Known for his broad frame, and an eager willingness to throw it around in service of the team, Wee has been described as a throwback to an older style - and a good one at that. "Almost every lad wants to be the silky, technical type nowadays." assistant coach Nuh Alawee Ramli said. "But sometimes, you just need a guy who's not afraid to get stuck in, and bust some bodies in the box."

That was something that Wee did very well for the Wings, and with him showing promise at hanging wide, blasting free-kicks and even pressing from the front when needed, it was no wonder that he had scouts arriving expressedly to watch him play. There would however be come caution about Keltoi Vigo's reputation under head coach Luis Quilaqueo, with them having just churned seven prospects out of the club a couple of days back.

Chief scout Tham Beng Li had few worries about Wee's chances of making it, that said. "The sky's the limit with this one." he noted. "He's starting out ahead of most peers in his age group, all he needs is to keep his eye on the goal."

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