06 September 2020
Bunnies Battling Hard

With all the attention rightly on Grilled Birds' double haul, it was only natural that the Farmer Bunnies retreated from the limelight, and the recent S-League challengers would find the going tough a level down; City hosts Marina Sailors raced to a 2-0 lead by the 14th minute, and it took Vivian Grubenmann's stubbed foot midway through the second half, to spur the team into action - and a Nurlan Ablaev reducer. Still, that seemed merely a consolation, until Kwek Yun Jie found a last-gasp equalizer in the 91st minute.

This would leave the Buns with a qualification match against III.2 winners Batok Earthquakes, thanks to Tecos Foreign Legion managing to draw kala811s, which also meant that Arcturules won the league by a single goal after their own 2-2 at FC Tobi 74. Not all is well at Carrot Field, Tham Leng Teck had to however admit, as he revealed some very involved debates about the immediate future of the team.

"We're split between going for the wholesale makeover, and trying for one more cup maybe." the 35 year-old skipper confessed. "This doesn't look like being resolved anytime soon."

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