15 May 2020
Doubled Delight

The final round of the Hattrick International leagues brought much joy to Grilled International, as they came from behind to unseat Munich Giants for a Division Four title at their first try - which was also their third league crown in a row. Not only that, former national star Wang Hanxuan scored too to earn his first Golden Boot at the age of 26, with his sixteen for the season being two more than SR Team International's Daniele Iannone.

As head coach Roar Olaisen admitted, the team wasn't expecting much as they welcomed Spanish visitors Thunnus F.C., who wound up being systematically dismantled after Fausto Perono's urgent seventh-minute volleyed opener. Ragib Banović and then Wang locked in the points by the 30th minute, and the second half saw Hardi bin Besar and Wang Chu Chi add on. Veteran reserve Chen Feng Kok came on for Zaini bin Hj Kaling right before injury time, and closed off with only his second goal for the club.

The crowd at Burung Memorial Stadium had long since switched their attention to the Animals! vs. Munich Giants clash, in which the Giants appeared to have sewn the trophy up, by taking a 2-0 lead within twenty minutes, and crocking the hosts' instrumental sweeper René Højmark into the bargain. Animals! quickly drew level, however, and their French winger Cláudio Xavier became the toast of Grilled International, as he sunk the Giants for good with a brilliant 77th minute winner.

Both Munich Giants and Animals! were great sports in offering congratulations after their battle, which Olaisen deeply appreciated. "They have been excellent opponents, and if it's any consolation, there's a high chance that we'll be here for at least another season."

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