22 May 2020
Sheep Not Meek

Grilled International pulled no punches in their bid to promote to the third division, but Switzerland's Sheep happens - of III.3 - were outstanding in preserving their spot. A near full-house approaching 46,000 turned out at the hosts' cosy Field 11, almost all clad in the home yellow-and-black stripes, as International found themselves overpowered in midfield for once.

While the Sheep had not managed to win any of their final five rounds in the league, recording three losses and two draws, Danish forward Sven Wybrandt managed to remain a prolific scorer with a very respectable twelve for the season. Wybrandt definitely left Hardi bin Besar no time to get acquainted, as he shrugged off the Number Seventeen's attentions, to close in and sweep a low cross hom in just the second minute.

Czech wingman Leoš Havle would shortly afterwards have to be replaced by Nedim Kantz, after a freak meeting between his groin and a teammate's boot, but this barely slowed the home team. Kantz was no less effective, and Sheep would put themselves 2-0 up through Sergio Scilimpaglia's breakaway in the 38th minute, before Sazwan bin Hj Muhd Salleh would too have to be substituted for a jarred shoulder.

Zaini bin Hj Kaling came in on the left, and International could not help but continue being plainly outmatched, with the Wybrandt-Kantz combination yielding a further two goals by the 65th. Vadym Gorozhankin did make a terrific save off Alexandre Hervé, and Arcadi Sansalvador then managed a consolation, but Víctor Robert and finally substitute Kantz again, would make it 6-1 by the end.

Bosnian striker Ragib Banović, who barely got a look in all day, could bear no hard feelings about the result. "I don't think it could get clearer than that." he shrugged. "We're simply not up to these standards quite yet. Well, I was quite fancying another run in IV.59 anyway."

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