05 May 2020
Legomania In For Lee

Another Rancher Rabbits alumni left for Western pastures today, with 17 year-old wide forward Lee Rong Ming throwing his lot in with ambitious eighth division Italian strivers, legomania. Head coach Tito Diacci is riding a wave of popularity after seven straight wins, and his recruitment of Lee for S$48000 came right after plundering Argentina's Eknik for their own young star in Natalio Giussani.

Rabbits scout Ooi Long Ming was of the opinion that Lee had gone for an absurdly low price. "He was one of our most developed players, we had thought that six figures would have been the least they could do. Well, the economy's in big trouble now, so maybe that's why."

Lee was certainly far from unknown, with Hungarian Division Six side Fottenham FC having guaranteed him a contract some time before his official graduation, on condition that it was a free transfer. Other interested parties soon came calling, with the most persistent perhaps another Italian Division Eight club, Bu ddumu, who were part of the final quartet together with Real.Madrid.. (Romanian Division Five) and FC Südtirol - Alto Adige (Italian Division Seven).

Before that, Lee had also drawn attention from A.D. Carabanchel (Spanish Division Seven), Skulli Club (French Division Six), Fc Mazzarelli (Italian Division Six), F.C. Holli (Spanish Division Seven), Sapozuma2 (Brazilian Division Six) and Princess of Charming (German Division Seven), none of whom however stuck around for long.

Ooi foresaw a productive career ahead for Lee, if he continued working on his weak points. "He's seldom disappointed us here, but Italy may be a different kettle of fish, without going into the possible climate and cultural shock. Rong Ming knows a thing or two about putting the ball into the net, though, and they like that everywhere!"

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