Grilled Birds 4 - 1 Joker 9
League, Season 7417 May 2020 04:30 HTT
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There Will Be One

No late shocks in the end, as Grilled took possession of the league trophy through Moey, upon which the 31 year-old captain dedicated it to the squad as a whole. "That's for all of us."

Grilled's victory meant that Singapore Big Dogs' 10-1 whupping of relegated KingofNoobs United became inconsequential, while Benfleet Branch didn't quite do enough to avoid a qualification match - being two goals off the Jokers - with their 3-1 home win over Real ChamWin F.C; St. Xavier's FC would directly contest the Automats to stay up, and achieved their mission handily with a 6-0 wipeout.

As it stands, one of Grilled Birds and the Farmer Bunnies will be in the S-League next season, even accounting for the Buns coming up short against Bot Team FC, no thanks to Paride Bolognini's last-minute strike that made it 2-3 for the national runners-up. The Birds top Division Two's set of league champions for automatic promotion, ahead of II.3's The EV, and this should kick in if the Buns fall in their qualifier against Puh erh.

Hovaness Noubaryan diplomatically refused to comment on his preferred outcome. "Let's try to stay professional here." he joked to the querying reporter. "All I can say is, this team is set for big things!"

    Minions Muster Winner
    Musovor Pwnage
    Birds Soar Highest
    Seventh D2 Title
    There Will Be One
    Tham And Again
    Doubled Delight
    Agus Ganged Upon
    Didi Done In
    Fit Farewell
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