-= Manchester United =- 4 - 1 Grilled Birds
League, Season 6930 September 2018 04:30 HTT
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Not A Faust Start

Grilled head coach Hovaness Noubaryan was at a loss for words in the aftermath. "It just wasn't our day, but I also think the penalty shouldn't have been given." he eventually managed. "Once that went in, we were done."

Moey Xin Seng was definitely disappointed at a successive league defeat getting the club down to fourth place, and he didn't hide it. "Too many players tuned out today. I'm not proud of myself for this display, and I don't think anybody else here can be, either."

With their win, United overtook Grilled on goal difference, while the upcoming Robbie Football Club drew within a single point, by beating Kim Tae Hee FC by Tomasz Krużołek's 82nd minute rocket. Key RFC men Martin Holm and Pedro Luis Regueyra are almost certainly out for next Sunday, however, as they sustained serious head and knee injuries respectively.

The top two of littlehorse and Mia San Toa Payoh continued pulling away with big wins against the bottom clubs, and the only remaining question seems to be whether anybody can beat littlehorse before the season's out. On current form, that looks unlikely.

Farmer Bunnies once more drew one-all with Phantasm Hotspurs, who have thus taken a very valuable four points off the Buns, despite still being rooted to the foot of II.3. Hotspurs rattled Farmer Bunnies from the start, and opened through Ronald Chan in the 15th minute. Vishnu Tallapaka would level with a wonderful free-kick three minutes before the break, but all they would manage after that was a crossbar-clipper from Sim Leng Cheng.

This leaves Farmer Bunnies six points behind league leaders Oneteamtoplay, who beat Between a Walk and a Hard Place 4-1; Wong Ting Yew was realistic when he admitted that the title was theirs to lose, notwithstanding the outcome of next weekend's table-topper clash. "We have dropped too many careless points."

Grilled International meanwhile steamrolled Rift Valley FC by nine goals on Friday, with Fausto Perono declaring himself back in the game, with four good strikes. Incredibly, this puts the Italian back into contention for defending his league Golden Boot, just two goals behind teammate Wang Hanxuan, Schorschl's Ariel Ndjodo and Black Trapper's Jorge Luis Zúñiga, if in an admittedly extremely crowded field.

Hanxuan, who also scored from a fine right-footed volley today, never doubted Perono's class. "That's the Fausto we all know and love." he quipped. "A terror on the warpath."

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